Is Organic Maple Syrup Really Worth It?

organic maple syrup

organic maple syrup

A growing number of consumers are hearing about the countless health benefits of maple syrup, and the result has been a substantially higher demand in the last few years. Though maple syrup has historically been primarily thought of as a breakfast condiment, research has proved it is perhaps the greatest substitute for regular sugar—particularly organic maple syrup. The reason for this is that maple syrup packs a pretty hefty nutritional punch.

Scientists have done thousands of studies over the past decade which have shown consuming a diet packed with foods loaded with antioxidants combats free radicals in our bodies, which actually delays the aging process. One of the most studied foods, which boasts an impressive array of powerful antioxidants, is natural maple syrup. Of the many antioxidants it offers, manganese is one of the best. This mineral plays a key role in the production of energy, and it takes just one ounce of maple syrup to get 46 percent of your daily recommended intake. On top of organic maple products being rich in manganese, they also contain a high amount of zinc. Manganese and zinc work together to lower cholesterol and strengthen both the immune system and heart functioning.

By replacing white sugar with organic maple syrup, you don’t only add plenty of powerful nutrients like iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and vitamins B2, B5 and B6—you boost the quality of your meals because the flavor enhances all types of cuisines. When buying maple syrup, keep an eye out for Vermont organic maple syrup. Vermont is internationally famous for its maple syrup, and you’ll understand why once you taste it for yourself. Organic maple syrup is absolutely worth it—so make it your sweetener of choice and you’ll be reaping the sweet rewards immediately.

Using Dairy-Free Cheese Alternatives in Your Recipes Is a Smart and Healthy Choice

Over the past decade the increase in consumer demand for more natural and healthy foods has resulted in thousands of products that appeal to more vegetarian and vegan-based diets. It’s hard to find a health food store nowadays that isn’t jam-packed with shoppers filling their carts with healthy alternatives to unhealthy foods like red meat, cheese and sugar. Public awareness of the health risks associated with an unhealthy diet is steadily growing, but current statistics regarding obesity and Type-2 diabetes show that our country still has a long way to go.

More consumers are taking an active role in becoming educated about nutrition. People want to know what foods they should eat more of—and what they should avoid. Whole grains have gained popularity over the past decade as a result of the influx of information regarding the dangers of consuming too much white flour. Another area with a growing public interest is vegan food alternatives. Vegan cheeses, in particular, are in high-demand, and consumers are always on the hunt for the best dairy free cheese available.

Consuming too many dairy products, like cheese, can result in issues as mild as stomach aches, weight gain, and lethargy—or as severe as obesity, Type-2 diabetes and hypertension. Minimizing your intake of cheese and opting to use the best cheese alternatives is a small step which can lead to huge health rewards. GoVeggie! makes some of the best tasting dairy free cheese on the market, and you can find them at most grocery stores. The majority of diseases are preventable when you stick to a healthy diet and lifestyle, so why not give it a shot?

The Difference Between a Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease

Peanuts and healthy gluten free snacks

Peanuts and healthy gluten free snacks

Though people with either a gluten sensitivity or celiac disease often experience the same uncomfortable gastrointestinal problems if glutinous food is consumed, there are distinct differences between the two conditions. Intense stomach pains, bloating, cramping and gas are frequently experienced problems by both those with celiac disease and gluten sensitivities, the internal effects that result are entirely different. People with celiac disease are severely allergic to gluten, and a severe reaction can be caused by less than 1/8 teaspoon of bread. For these individuals, consuming gluten results in slow erosion of the walls of their small intestine, and this leads to a severely decreased ability to absorb nutrients. Without the ability to absorb nutrients that the body needs, a number of serious health conditions can occur. Gluten-sensitive individuals do experience the same physical symptoms, however no damage to the intestines occurs.

Whether allergic or sensitive, it is crucial for both to maintain a diet free of gluten so symptoms can be avoided and no damage will be caused. Healthy gluten free snacks are an excellent way to get the nutrients you need to keep your body as strong and as efficient as possible.

The market for gluten free food has grown considerably over the past few years, so it’s now very easy to find good gluten free snacks and tasty replacements for your diet. Glutino is a well-respected brand—and it is because they make the best gluten free snacks, as well as plenty of other gluten free products. When ridding gluten from your diet, it is necessary to educate yourself of your nutritional needs and how you can meet them, and doing so will provide you with a lifetime of invaluable knowledge.

Ways to Improve Your Health With Natural Products

The health market today is overloaded with to many products and too many people trying to make a a quick buck. Most people sell a product without doing much research or they just don’t understand the way your body works. With years of study it becomes more and more clear that the best products out there usually come from natural means. Meaning that the healthiest products tend to be all natural or organic. Real health products are products like fruit for example, that remain untreated by chemicals and other harmful processing routines that can ultimately lead to human consumption. So lesson learned, stick to the most natural supplements or foods. The way “nature intended things to be” kind of products!

It’s so beneficial to begin to eat and consume things that are kept untreated or organic as possible. Many products on the shelves today can cause some sort of allergic reaction within the body that the person is unaware of. And the products I’m speaking of are the so-called healthy products that they market to help gain muscle or increase metabolism. Whatever the case it seems that long term use of these products can cause side effects that the consumer is unaware of. To be the best begin to eat and consume the best.

Natural products that are gluten free and can be a great starting point at what kind of products are safe to buy. Natural and organic products boast benefits to your body’s needs. Most include more vitamins, antioxidants, metabolism boosts, and immune system boosts to include just a few benefits. Fat loss is usually a direct effect of choosing products, foods, or supplements that keep it raw, natural, and organic. The other great benefits of eating healthy foods consist of lowering chances of disease, living longer, aging slower, and increased vitality. Start to feel good about yourself and start to look good too!

Eating healthy and eating healthy often is a game changer and will add so many benefits to your life. Don’t be fooled by elaborate marketing, do the research and begin to see that natural products have more benefits than the processed and chemically induced counterparts. Eating healthy not only improves your overall health but also changes the way you feel and more importantly the way you look! So start to shop for the natural, organic, and pure foods so you can start feeling great today!

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