Is Organic Maple Syrup Really Worth It?

organic maple syrup

organic maple syrup

A growing number of consumers are hearing about the countless health benefits of maple syrup, and the result has been a substantially higher demand in the last few years. Though maple syrup has historically been primarily thought of as a breakfast condiment, research has proved it is perhaps the greatest substitute for regular sugar—particularly organic maple syrup. The reason for this is that maple syrup packs a pretty hefty nutritional punch.

Scientists have done thousands of studies over the past decade which have shown consuming a diet packed with foods loaded with antioxidants combats free radicals in our bodies, which actually delays the aging process. One of the most studied foods, which boasts an impressive array of powerful antioxidants, is natural maple syrup. Of the many antioxidants it offers, manganese is one of the best. This mineral plays a key role in the production of energy, and it takes just one ounce of maple syrup to get 46 percent of your daily recommended intake. On top of organic maple products being rich in manganese, they also contain a high amount of zinc. Manganese and zinc work together to lower cholesterol and strengthen both the immune system and heart functioning.

By replacing white sugar with organic maple syrup, you don’t only add plenty of powerful nutrients like iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and vitamins B2, B5 and B6—you boost the quality of your meals because the flavor enhances all types of cuisines. When buying maple syrup, keep an eye out for Vermont organic maple syrup. Vermont is internationally famous for its maple syrup, and you’ll understand why once you taste it for yourself. Organic maple syrup is absolutely worth it—so make it your sweetener of choice and you’ll be reaping the sweet rewards immediately.

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