Using Dairy-Free Cheese Alternatives in Your Recipes Is a Smart and Healthy Choice

Over the past decade the increase in consumer demand for more natural and healthy foods has resulted in thousands of products that appeal to more vegetarian and vegan-based diets. It’s hard to find a health food store nowadays that isn’t jam-packed with shoppers filling their carts with healthy alternatives to unhealthy foods like red meat, cheese and sugar. Public awareness of the health risks associated with an unhealthy diet is steadily growing, but current statistics regarding obesity and Type-2 diabetes show that our country still has a long way to go.

More consumers are taking an active role in becoming educated about nutrition. People want to know what foods they should eat more of—and what they should avoid. Whole grains have gained popularity over the past decade as a result of the influx of information regarding the dangers of consuming too much white flour. Another area with a growing public interest is vegan food alternatives. Vegan cheeses, in particular, are in high-demand, and consumers are always on the hunt for the best dairy free cheese available.

Consuming too many dairy products, like cheese, can result in issues as mild as stomach aches, weight gain, and lethargy—or as severe as obesity, Type-2 diabetes and hypertension. Minimizing your intake of cheese and opting to use the best cheese alternatives is a small step which can lead to huge health rewards. GoVeggie! makes some of the best tasting dairy free cheese on the market, and you can find them at most grocery stores. The majority of diseases are preventable when you stick to a healthy diet and lifestyle, so why not give it a shot?

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